Schedule is subject to change without notice.  A face mask is required

Monday         6:30pm      Zumba with Aarin ($5).  SIGN UP 

Tuesday        5:30pm      Zumba with Aarin ($5).   SIGN UP 

                      6:30pm      Afroetics ($15)

Wednesday   6:30pm      Zumba with Aarin ($5).   SIGN UP 


Thursday      6:30pm      Zumba with Aarin ($5).   SIGN UP 

                     7:30pm      Lose Gut Gain Butt Fitness ($10)

Saturday       9:00am      Yoga with Cheryl

                     12:00pm     Diva Sweat 

Sunday         9:45am      Community Yoga with Maury

                                       ($10 Suggested Donation)

                     7:00pm      Community Yoga with Maury

                                       ($10 Suggested Donation)

Flex Fitness Studio LLC disclaimer


At Flex Fitness Studio LLC (the studio), we provide studio rental and marketing for fitness and dance instructors. Each instructor submit a class schedule with a class description. The studio publishes, updates and promote class schedules on the website and other advertising channels on a regular basis. The studio does not provide instructions or oversee class content. Each instructor requires to carry a liability insurance and collect a signed released form the client at the begining of each class.

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